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Volatile left: It’s not safe to be right wing on the streets of – Anywhere.

Our liberty in the United States has not been quashed by Trump, it's been desecrated by the protest movements we've seen outside the Capitol.

Kai Harrison is a student of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham.


NOTTINGHAM – I’ve been spectating the events of the last week with a mixture of feelings ranging from patriotism, bemusement, irony, disbelief and finally horror. I am indeed referring not to my University exams but to the election and first 5 days of President Trump.

It won’t surprise people that I am a supporter of the President, not the majority of his off hand – ‘caught on mic’ – remarks, but of his mission to fix America’s economy and its manufacturing infrastructure. The evidence of his success so far is blinding and I defy anyone who says otherwise, he is a man who does what he says and that is why he won. I’m also a supporter because of the prospects of the US-UK relationship being clawed back from the Obama and Cameron administrations which deprived us of some perfect opportunities. Who can possibly forget the “back of the queue” threat last year?

“Our liberty in the United States has not been quashed by Trump, it’s been desecrated by the protest movements we’ve seen outside the Capitol.”

I’m not here to talk about this however, I am writing today because like most people with my politics, for the first time in history we have felt too intimidated to support the elected President of the United States. Too intimidated to voice our opposition, to a protest movement which in every documented case uses violence to block any alternate opinion. Our liberty in the United States has not been quashed by Trump, it’s been desecrated by the protest movements we’ve seen outside the Capitol. I’m here to say, don’t give up!

Those on the right this week have been hounded and attacked by much more than a “small group” of people. I am frequently told not to tar every protestor with the same brush, yet I think Hollywood, through social media, has already accomplished exactly that. Thanks to Madonna and Ashley Judd they have tarred every Trump supporter, every alt-right supporter, a fascist, racist, homophobe and misogynist. I am none of those things.

I think the reason these people are so angry with Trump and the so-called alt-right is because we’re winning.

PATRIOTISM. My Friday began by watching coverage of the inauguration at home whilst I got on with work, at this point I don’t think the media paid much attention to any discontent as SkyNews spent most of the build up with a fixed camera on the west side of the capital building. Trump’s inauguration – filled with quite a lot of side eye from the former FLOTUS – even made me feel like I was clawing what was left of America back.

BEMUSEMENT. My patriotic turn rapidly changed to bemusement once Trump was President-elect no more.

IRONY. Now this is where it becomes scary. Almost immediately after the inauguration people took to the streets to protest. This is where I began to see the images of random shop windows smashed in, random cars being set on fire, random acts of violence against people. I’m not saying these thugs (or anarchists) actually cared about the protest itself, I’m saying – as opportunists – they only ever seem to appear at left wing events. Coincidence?

Limo torched in DC protests belongs to Muslim immigrant, may cost $70,000 in damages

Muslim family bankrupted by ‘anti-Trump’ protestors?

Now I know that’s picking one example, but I encourage you, if you don’t believe me, prove me wrong, that’s what democracy is about. That’s what freedom of speech is about.

When have the right ever protested against the election of a ‘polarising’ left wing candidate?

I did a quick google just to check, not one headline…

DISBELIEF. My third emotion which came about the next day as one of my favourite commentators and provocateurs, Milo Yiannopolous had yet another issue with a large and violent mob. Yiannopolous is currently on his ‘Dangerous Faggot tour’ in the US, if you haven’t heard of it, you should look it up. Whilst I respect everyone’s universal right to protest, supporters of his events have been blocked from entering the venues, attacked for forcing their way through, and someone has even been shot. The worrying thing about this is Milo’s events are held on University campuses, these people are University students. It’s a worrying trend today how Uni students appear to be coming out dumber than when they went in.

This protesting has led to a number of Universities pulling out of hosting Milo’s events and even some saying the state can’t provide enough Police for security purposes. With what I’ve witnessed the last week I strongly disagree with anyone who believes that these incidents are “small” and “random”.

An example of ‘peaceful protesting’

Just another I thought I’d throw in below just to back up the kind of images representing these protests.

Horror. My final feeling which has subsided in the last few days but none the less remains etched into my skull. The recent women’s march hosted a variety of celebrities, none more deplorable than Madonna and Ashley Judd.

I’m going to let Marc Dice explain this one because I think it can only be done visually and he makes a pretty good job of it.

Please tell me at what point you were sick, or stopped watching, because I could barely get passed 1:05.

If I said I wanted to “blow up the White House” like that, I’d have been arrested. Judd’s vile talk about periods and bloodstains is only smalltime compared to the horrific masks, costumes and slogon’s being shouted out by women in the crowd. I’ll let you scroll through the further reading at the bottom if you want to see any. I wouldn’t dirty my website with it – for children might see it (little did these women consider when walking down the streets with megaphones, past schools, at midday.)

The point of this article was to show you what I had been exposed to this week from the feminist and SJW community in response to Trump’s election. This is not me searching for these things, these are reposts from my friends on Facebook, news reports and twitter feed recommendations. People may argue that those who shout the loudest will get all the press attention, but here these idiots have detracted from the protest so much that any valid point the protestors were trying to make has been invalidated.

The protests could never have accomplished more than allowing a group of triggered feminists and anarchists to vent off some steam, they would not change the outcome of the Presidency and they certainly would not change any facts about the alt-right movement. There are people like Milo Yiannopolous who welcome this violence as a way to effortlessly expose the realities of these movements. This attention however is not what a group of Trump supporters would want going to a rally, or going to one of Milo’s events, these supporters make up 50% of America!

“[They] are preventing the very thing protesting is meant to secure – democracy.”

The right-wing Trump supporters in America have become impossibly quiet in the news and on the streets whilst this protest is covered, it has gone so far to nearly snuff out the alternate-right’s voice for fear of retaliation for simply having a different opinion. If we are living in a post-fact era, it is not being led by the government’s “alternate facts”, it’s being led by people who favour feelings over facts. The protestors and left-wing anarchists we see in all the videos and images I’ve shown you today are preventing the very thing protesting is meant to secure – democracy. I am sure however, that once this week is finally over, the voice of the grass roots right will return and it will return stronger than ever. There will be no retaliation or violence from the right, but an invitation for calm and open debate, one that will surely be ignored by the left.

For those who agree with my statements, those who feel even slightly intimidated to continue speaking out, I say this.

We won at the general election

We won last Friday

We are winning today

Speak out wherever it’s safe, but let them be their own undoing.

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