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Free Speech is DEAD on Campus

According to the Telegraph, the latest online survey site 'Spiked' released a report where more than 60% of Uni's now 'SEVERELY RESTRICT' free speech with 90% of Uni's overall having some form of restriction.

According to the Telegraph, the latest online survey site ‘Spiked’ reports more than 60% of Uni’s now ‘SEVERELY RESTRICT’ free speech, with 90% of Uni’s overall having some form of restriction.

Over 21 Universities in the UK have blacklisted speakers such as Germaine Greer, Eric Pickles and many UKIP MEP’s. This comes fairly recently after professional-provocateur and SJW antagonist Milo Yiannopoulos was banned from his former secondary school by the Department for Education. And then over 50 academics (mostly from Kent) signed a letter attempting to bar Yiannopoulos from all of Britain’s institutions!

The main culprit in this fiasco is the Student’s Union. The creators of other stupid ideas like safe-spaces during events and anonymous marking. Alongside this, University Chancellors and lecturers alike consistently break from their normal commitments to a secular learning environment to speak out against Trump, Brexit and other events using their official positions at the Universities.

The increasingly illiberal outlook of these institutions is something to be incredibly worried about indeed, it is stifling opinion and pushing those with opinions on the right of politics and society into hiding on University campuses. Not to mention places like Twitter – which like my lectures at Uni – are overrun by lefties and social justice warriors.

In an increasingly partisan world, it’s important these institutions embrace controversial speakers and students do not go about banning those they disagree with or who have said something they don’t like. They should be brought in to be held accountable for their views, not protested against and certainly not excluded from the debate.






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