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SJW’s of Twitter, Triggered! The Telegraph Agrees. Students at University are Getting Dumber – part 2

There's been quite a sharp Twitter reaction to one of my latest posts...

There’s been quite a sharp Twitter reaction to one of my latest posts…

Some people loved it, I’m glad!

And again…

However, some people… Didn’t.

“Mermaid” was very upset.

I’ll be honest, I’m new to the Twitter thing and for some people, the amount of followers I have is enough to invalidate anything I say…

Ben here, is one of those people. He also thinks commercialism is a bad thing too by the looks of it.

I digress. I did have to Google what the hell this obscure word “Ableist” meant. I was surprised at this definition being applied to me – it must be my white privilege.

You see, I’m a “cis” (whatever the fuck that also means), straight, male who also happens to have a modestly successful job and place at a top Russel Group Uni which obviously shields me from the plight of people such as this pansexual, introvert(ed), (Ravenclaw), sweary, opinionated, period positive, intersectional feminist who so endearingly and eloquently engaged me in debate. I know I don’t have to work hard, with all my ‘privilege’ and shit.

Profanity aside.

Ableism /ˈeɪblɪzəm/ (also known as ablism, disablism, disability discrimination, and handicapism) is discrimination and social prejudice against people with disabilities. Ableism characterizes persons as defined by their disabilities and as inferior to the non-disabled.

I find the abuse and total uncontrollable violence of the lefty, sweary, SJW, LGBT community to be really unbecoming, and it really discredits any real argument they could make.

Maybe “Mermaid” should consider for a moment to look to herself, not the government or wider society, for the answers to the questions she is desperate for. She should consider the thought that her online personality (which seems to be her only personality) consists entirely of meaningless, social justice posts, arguments about gender roles, vitriol towards other users, 1,000 tweets a day of man-hating, and self-pity. She needs to look at how this might contribute to why people find her so unemployable. All other qualities and facts aside.

The “Ableist term” got me confused. It’s being used by people like my friend here as a passive-aggressive ‘label’ for people like me (feminists love ‘labels’). In my article about University courses and students getting dumber I made the ‘outlandish’ statement that Universities should not lower the bar to meet the average stupidity of prospective students who want to go to Uni. Especially for the sake of studying pointless subjects like ‘Gender Studies’, ‘Liberal Arts’ or ‘Computer Science’ etc. These people simply should not be here. According to “Mermaid”, it’s okay to be an Ableist, we all are really, as long as these institutions exist we can’t help it… Unless you’re disabled, in which case you are infallible and free from any bias.

It’s a thing that SJW’s do, where they normalise a term originally reserved for people who are actually ‘offensive’, people who really discriminate against the disabled for example. I am in fact a so-called ‘ableist’ because I say people have to be mentally and physically capable and qualified to do a degree. I say the bar should be higher for entry to the course and for awarding qualifications so that it discourages those not suitable, and creates more of an environment for greater fostering of individuality and also competition. This benefits those who go to Uni as they will have more chance of getting a job at the end.

Here’s someone who didn’t read my article properly but felt like replying anyway.

Urm… Now I wonder why a career making a product everyone makes and doing something everyone does is unemployable… And the facts speak for themselves. [SPOILER: It’s called ‘market saturation’.]

Anyway, I come back to the topic of students coming out of Uni ‘dumber’ than when they went in, after reading some further information from the hardline, ABLEIST, right-wing propaganda peddling news-paper, The Telegraph.

Here’s the article to read if you like – it goes into further detail of what I wrote last week, I have summarised some key points below.

1/3 of foreign students do not meet the standard language requirements to study in the UK. This is evident where I am with a lot of our Chinese students, the course requirements clearly prescribe knowing English to a specific extent, but my guess is they’re so greedy for students they waver it more often than not after a short one-to-one. 33% of staff believe foreign students do not actually meet the language requirements.

Most Universities like mine, literally spend the first 4 weeks telling us “DO NOT PLAGIARISE WE WILL CATCH YOU” before giving us numerous examples of pupils who’ve been caught. Uni’s practically get these people to come back and share their experience like criminals who’ve been promised earlier parole for opening up about their horrific academic offence. 28% of staff think students cheat. 60% of staff say they’ve caught someone plagiarising.

Nurses (people who have one of the most employable degrees) have been found to regularly complete University without the basic ability to read and write to a high academic standard.

Institutions routinely allow sub-standard work and purposely lower their expectations in line with the average student year on year. This is perpetuated by the existence of rubbish, unemployable and vocationally oriented degrees that try and mould themselves to the students whims and characters instead of the other way around. Many students don’t write blogs like I do, many do not do any further study or writing outside of their prescribed reading and 12 hours of Uni tuition a week. Things have to change in this system, before it becomes too obvious to those studying meaningful qualifications that there is either no point in trying, or, there are better, more prosperous ways to advance outside of Britain’s great academic institutions.

If you’re interested in hearing more about my opinion on this, my original piece is below.

I leave you with this.




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