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What does Feminism and Islam Have in Common?

Well, a hate of free speech and the uncanny ability to spread like plague across Europe of course.

Well, a hate of free speech and the uncanny ability to spread like plague across Europe of course.

Sweden is the only place where the statistics on rape have risen to match the fantasy numbers preached by feminists. Sweden also is one of the few countries that has unconditionally allowed muslims to migrate to and make use of their benefits system with no checks what-so-ever.

The result in that country alone has been prevalent this week with racially motivated riots on the streets, and previous to this, hand grenades in Malmo.

Across Europe over the last two years we have witnessed horrific and disturbing scenes that go beyond an affront to our democracy. The leaders of Europe have systematically laid open their countries to massive uncontrolled Islamic immigration. In doing so they have put the very people they swear to protect in direct harms way. You, the citizens of these European nations.

We watched as Germany’s borders were violated when the Chancellor invited all refugees to stay, to which thousands came en masse. We then were forced to spectate in horror as Muslims raped and violated the personal borders of young women over the New Years celebrations in Cologne.

Did the government blame the refugee crisis for this? Or Islam? No, it was a group of darker skinned Germans of course.

In France, as a direct result of government policy towards refugees we have seen the worst civil crisis in modern European history. In 2015, 12 people were murdered at the Charlie Hebdo offices by Muslims after they released a front page mocking the prophet Mohammed.

It’s always a “small group operating alone” responsible for the attacks, according to the government. That became less convincing as the week went on…

A day later a Police officer was murdered. A day after that, 4 people were murdered in a supermarket.

No admission from the government yet.

Later that year, 130 people died after a Muslim blew himself up at a stadium in Paris, following which, three gunmen opened fire at a concert hall killing more.

Months later in Belgium, over 300 people were injured and 32 people killed in a day of terror as 2 suicide bombers blew up an airport and a metro station.

And I hate to have to continue but the worst is yet to come.

On Bastille day last year, a lorry plowed into and killed 84 people in Nice.

Just a truck driver with a mental illness who happened to be a Muslim?

Days later two men stormed a church in Normandy and slit the throat of the Priest in front of his mass.

It’s increasingly difficult to think it is anything other than religiously motivated.

As a society is this now a norm? Is it a fact of life that due to a universal lack of diligence in Europe we must expect to be blown up and raped on our streets?

Thankfully it’s been almost a year since we’ve had a major terrorist incident.

To a Muslim, the adage ‘When in Rome’ does not apply.

The conflicts in Syria and Libya that they supposedly left behind in this refugee crisis is now on the streets of Europe. We are told by governments to affectively ignore the obvious group behind it, Islam.

So, where are the feminists in all this? How can I possibly compare the two?!

Where were feminists when women were being raped in Cologne? Where are feminists in protesting the treatment of women under Islam? The belief by over half of muslim men in the US that gay sex should be punished? Where are Feminists in caucusing with other western groups to protest against this violation of our human rights?

Nowhere, because they’re collaborating with Muslims instead. They’re telling us to ignore the facts, ignore the wording of the Quran, ignore the misogyny, the women beating, the penalty for apostasy, it’s not true!

These Muslims haven’t just come from a country that has Sharia Law as a constitutional right, or anything.

For feminists, the “real” crisis to them is campus rape culture, where a drunken fumbling in a bush or even a wolf whistle is considered rape. Forget your assaults in Cologne.

I have news for Feminists, especially those in the US who are so voraciously cozying up to Islam.

In Europe there is a REAL rape culture. And we know who’s causing it.

When you protest because your University is not racially diverse enough or think dedicating a month to LGBT history still does not raise enough awareness for your ‘freedoms’, think about what Islam is doing in Europe and what it means for real freedom.

Despite the despising of our culture by Muslims that takes away the very essence of freedom of speech which everyone in the west enjoys, Feminists do the same. Instead of standing up for people’s rights, they demand we respect all groups, all religions, the title is more important than the principle to Feminists.

The difference is, I have a feeling Feminists today hate women even more than Muslims.

There’s a good comparison to be made between Muslim men and Feminist men.

Muslim men want to kill all white men and force white women to live in doors with the rest of their wives, not even defecating without permission. Feminist men want to kill all straight white men and spend their lives suppressed by an 18 stone safe space.

Muslim men can’t take a free society, they see a free culture as a threat and do whatever is necessary to scare people into submission as I outlined at the beginning of this article. Feminist men don’t believe it’s a free society unless it’s gender balanced and culturally appropriated. At least 1 person in a group needs to identify as an attack helicopter for it to not trigger someone. Anyone who is a normal, straight, white person is too privileged to be socially acceptable.

When the Muslim Mayor of London banned the ‘Beach Body Ready’ advert in tube stations it showed that both groups specifically want to control societies perception of women. Where they contrast are that Muslims take learnings from a “prophet” – who had sex with a nine year old girl – and ask women to cover up in public, whilst feminists go on a crusade against thin and attractive women accusing them of fat-shaming, with their ‘unrealistic’ body proportions. Both effectively want women to either cover up in public or be too ugly and fat for anyone to notice. If you achieve that level of fat ugliness neither Muslim man or Feminist will consider you much or a divergent from their idea of society.

Feminists and Muslims both continue to try and redefine the immaterial as material, and force their ideals onto others before claiming foul of anyone who disagrees. Both get an easy ride by the media, and both play the persecution card despite both being given a wide birth by educational institutions and governments.

The online to Feminists is physical, and for the last year or so they have been trying to legally achieve this through the UN. Yes, the UN.

You can imagine, a UN schedule for the days events. “1st today will be a discussion on the refugee crisis, and how it is resulting in the brutal murdering of European citizens. 2nd we have an urgent discussion on the developing crisis on Twitter where Leslie Jones has been fat-shamed by Milo Yiannopoulos.”

The UN report “Cyber Violence Against Women And Girls: A Global Wake-up Call”. The disturbing report calls for “online abuse”, “name-calling” and “cyber bullying” to be viewed as equal to physical abuse.

Women who have been a-part of this ridiculous report attempt to create terms like “emotional-bandwidth” when referring to their emotional capacity to handle online discussion. They talk about how online interactions where someone basically disagree’s with their rampant feminist lies can cause them so much distress it can actually result in bodily harm.

If you don’t like people disagreeing with you, you’re not big enough to be on the internet and you should sell your computer immediately.

On the Islamic issue, Twitter made more or an effort the last year to ban accounts and censor speech against Feminists than they did banning actual accounts affiliated with Islamic State.

This nicely illustrates how the Feminist/Islamic relationship on Twitter has thrived above any right-wing social commentary.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Muslims and Feminists both want to achieve the same thing, an end to happiness and an end to free speech.

I’ll concede that Muslims go about trying to achieve this in a much more brutal way. And well, Feminists are easier to run away from, so they wouldn’t be very good at being terrorists, besides online.

Shockingly, in America 30% of Muslims believe it’s appropriate to use violence on anyone who insults Islam. 33% believe Sharia Law should take precedence over the constitution where they clash. Even worse for me, 58% of Muslims in the US believe criticising Islam is not protected under the first amendment. I’m pretty sure if you were to ask Feminists similar questions… 100% of respondents would say criticising Feminism is not a protected right under the constitution either.


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