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White House Bans CNN, NYT and BUZZFEED from Briefings for FAKE NEWS

Breitbart is still allowed to attend...

In a move that most people saw coming, yet as usual has liberals seething with rage: Trump’s White House banned CNN, The New York Times, The LA Times, Politico and BuzzFeed from todays press briefing.

The White House has frequently rebuked stories posted by these particular media sources as ‘Fake News’.

Breitbart News which was formerly edited by Steve Bannon, now Chief Strategist to the White House, is still allowed to attend.

It’s reported by The Hill that other organisations such as the BBC and Daily Mail in the UK are also be banned and some outlets are now planning to boycott the briefings.

It’s unclear whether Sean Spicer personally made the decision, however it’s well known that Trump has a strong distaste for CNN which he calls the “Clinton News Network”.

BuzzFeed as a source of accurate political reporting is laughable at best, it’s fairly relieving to know that their readers will have to tune in to other outlets to receive their daily White House reports.

Here’s some reaction from Twitter to the news:

Currently one or two people seemed happy by the news.

It’s safe to say the – now banned – media weren’t.

Other people also frustrated by the news.

This action brings into debate the application of the first amendment, to which this blog values highly, despite being based in the UK.


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