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Beauty and the Breast? Arch Feminist Watson ends up on page 3. Whoops!

Multi-millionaire Harry Potter actress, UN women’s ambassador and arch-feminist Emma Watson has been featured in the latest issue of Vanity Fair. However, it’s not the kind of article readers of the magazine would expect from a staunch proponent of women’s dignity and rights.

The photo features a topless Watson which was taken by Tim Walker.


The photo which has been branded as “hypocritical” has also been featured on page 3 of the UK’s The Sun newspaper. Page 3 traditionally featured topless women up until 2015 where The Sun then decided to discontinue the page due to pressure from feminists like Watson.

Watson’s photo is clearly contradictory to her past statements about women’s sexuality. As the star herself has grown up in the film industry and inherited millions from a savings account at the age of 18, she’s never lived the life of the kind of women she purports to defend. This photo clearly shows that.

It nicely illustrates the hypocrisy that frequently catches out feminists regarding unfounded claims that their sexuality is exploited by men.

According to this user, women have free choice! Where was that argument when feminists were campaigning against page 3?!


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