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Sessions Debacle is Democrat Russophobia

Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi is still waiting for president Bush to respond.

The 2nd March was time for Democrats to launch another attack on the Republican government, this time on Jeff Sessions, newly appointed US Attorney General.

It appears Trump’s joint address to congress hit the democrats hard, especially after media organisations like CNN even reported it positively, calling Trump (of all things) ‘presidential’. High praise indeed. The DOW J soared to another all time record of 21,000 points and Trump’s approval rating with it, which only resulted in infuriating the left.

So it only makes sense for another ‘debacle’ to hit the White House in response and The Washington Post had one ready to go!

General Sessions has been accused of lying to the Senate during his confirmation hearing. The alleged story broke in The Washington Post where Sessions was accused of having prior contact with Russian diplomats in his capacity as nominee for Attorney General, before the Trump campaign won the general election.

As those in the nomination process know, civilians are not allowed to negotiate on behalf of the US government which is what the Post helpfully points out.

Sessions denied being in contact with Russia in respect to his capacity as nominee for Attorney General at the time. It seemed however, according to Nancy Pelosi (Democratic Senate Minority Leader) and the dems who grilled Sessions, that what they meant to ask was… “have you at any point in your career or life ever met a Russian, ever?”

Sessions actually did have contact with the Russian ambassador last year during the election campaign whilst he was still in the role as chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee. This to a lot of people, is clearly a problem.

Many users on Twitter have subsequently admitted having contact with a Russian and are wondering when they will be prosecuted.

Nancy Pelosi is still waiting for president Bush to respond.

Today, The Hill reports General Sessions has ‘rescued’ himself from the investigation the Justice Department is carrying out into allegations of Russian involvement in the US election. He does so on advise from government officials in the hope it douses some of the accusations in the ongoing probe that the Trump administration was in cahoots with Putin during the election campaign.

Hours before the press conference which was hastily assembled for Sessions to announce his recusal, Trump threw all his support behind him.

General Sessions affirmed his belief he had not lied to the committee:

“My reply to the question of Sen. Franken was honest and correct as I understood it at the time,”

Trump would have hoped sacking retired General Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor after his alleged contact with Russia over the campaign would have been enough to calm the democrat wolves.

Sean Spicer has also waded into the argument defending Sessions.

“He was 100 percent straight with the committee… I think this is Democrats trying to push a false narrative for political purposes.”

Former presidential candidate and Texas senator Ted Cruz also threw support behind Sessions in an interview with MSNBC calling the entire event a “nothing-burger”. Cruz commented:

“If the Russian ambassador had called and asked for a meeting, I imagine I’d [have] taken the meeting,”

Cruz added “everyone’s getting all worked up because it’s a chance to beat up the Attorney General and it’s a chance to beat up the President. But he’s simply doing his job”. Like most republicans he believes the whole ‘debacle’ is “political theatre” and a chance for Russia-phobic democrats to continue bashing the White House.

It’s no wonder the US and Russia currently have the worst relationship since the end of the Cold War.


Users commented on Steven Crowder‘s Facebook post

David Rose What democrats are doing is pure madness… but, they’re doing an awesome job of nailing their political coffin shut, forever…

Candy Cornell Ted Cruz brings things back to reality. He has worked with and knows Jeff Sessions extremely well. He knows that Jeff Sessions is a quality, qualified man of integrity. Now…let’s move on…

Jennifer McMahon He’s just doing this as a token so that hopefully the investigation into his Russian ties will cease. He’s trying to appease everyone enough so that he can continue his racist and bigoted agenda!

Users on Steve Crowder’s commentary of the events praised Cruz’s support and condemned the action against Sessions.

Given the hostility from democrats against anyone who tries to talk with Russia and the Russian issue itself, which has plagued the Trump administration thanks to the left wing media, it’s unclear how this will play out.


2 comments on “Sessions Debacle is Democrat Russophobia

  1. I disagree that it’s Russophobia. I firmly believe that this is soley Trump Unacceptance Rejection Disorder (TURD). It’s all about the Left’s fear, hate, and loathing for President Trump, not about any alleged and carefully manufactured Russian “involvement” in the election cycle.

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