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UNIVERSITY is the least DIVERSE place for ideas

Conservative and right wing lecturers at Universities are a dying breed. A study reported by the Telegraph shows that 8 out of 10 lecturers identify themselves with liberal or left wing views.

This view is held in particular by academics within the social sciences, humanities and arts subjects.

The Adam Smith Institute has been reporting on the political leanings of University lecturers since 1960 and from their findings, it shows that there has been an increasing liberalisation on college campuses.

The risk of having this overwhelming majority of teachers openly supporting leftist views on campus is greatly underestimated in the UK. As a student myself, sitting in a seminar where 8 out of 10 of my colleagues share the same sentiment as the lecturer, it makes it incredibly stifling for right wing students to air their views. The atmosphere is one of, “we’re right, and you’re wrong” (figuratively speaking of course).

Going to University today is dangerous for free speech and the discussion of ideas, unless they exist on a left wing spectrum. Left wing beliefs are sacred.

The Telegraph goes on to report that Sussex University recently held a workshop with academic staff on how to deal with right wing students in the class room.

The report by the Adam Smith Institute titled “Lackademia” warns that this dangerous amount of left leaning academics can cause:

“systematic biases in scholarship; curtailments of free speech on university campuses; and defunding of academic research by right-wing governments”

Universities constantly bow to pressure from left wing activism, 2 weeks ago I wrote of how 60% of Universities severely restrict free speech through the cancelling of events and right to free speech on campus.

Before that I wrote of how social justice and feminism is allowed to steam roller any alternative argument on campuses, using condescending and unfounded examples of gender-inequality. In this article I pointed out the breadth of degree courses that are causing a dumbing down of students and entry requirements which perpetuates the social justice left on campus.

It’s clear to anyone who is on the ‘wrong’ (political-right) side of politics at University that there is a lack of stimulation by lecturers around topics which are seen as ‘universally correct’.  Despite being extremely contemporary and contentious issues, topics such as the wage gap, LGBT, Brexit and Trump go largely un-debated – the former two being deemed correct, the latter two, “horrific” according to my lecturers.

Double standards should not be tolerated, all students no matter if they are left or right of the spectrum should ask their professors and tutors to ensure that Universities remain secular and bias-free.

Causing right wing students and lecturers alike to be seen as periors and as ideological divergent’s instead of equal contributors to the academic system will result in the degeneration and perversion of the moral, existential and critical reasoning skills of all students.




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