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DAME MURRAY: “Trans women are not real women”

"There wasn’t a hint of understanding that she was simply playing into the stereotype - a man’s idea of what a woman should be," - Murray.

Radio 4 Women’s hour presenter Jenni Murray has argued that many men who undergo a sex change operation can still not be real women.

Recently in an appearance on British daytime-housewife-Nigel-Farage-loving panel show ‘Loose Women’ Murray was incensed by show guest India Willoughby’s beliefs that post his sex change, he was now a “real women”. Murray commented that Willoughby, who underwent the procedure late in his life, spent the majority of his time prior to that “enjoying the privileged position in our society generally accorded to a man”.

Murray says that men who want to become women often do so through the male perception of what being a women should be. She cites that her first feelings of anger towards the subject was “when a man claimed to have become a woman” in 2000. This was when Reverend Peter Stone transitioned to become Carol.

“There wasn’t a hint of understanding that she was simply playing into the stereotype – a man’s idea of what a woman should be,” – Murray.

Murray also said that men who want to become women often care more of their appearance and how others will perceive them. This, as opposed to what many would think is the important bit, the idea that they emotionally and psychologically feel they are a women trapped in a mans body.

It is a pleasant surprise that a presenter and journalist from the BBC has come out in favour of a view many people on the sensible side of gender-politics have felt for a while regarding the trans community. Prior to this, the only feminist icon who had spoken actively about men having a sex change was Germaine Greer who seems to have been shunned from the feminist movement, at least the third wave that is present today.

Greer, who wrote ‘The Female Eunuch” made similar comments in 2015 to what Murray had yesterday saying to the trans community:

“you don’t know what the other sex is”

Greer went on to say that it “wasn’t fair” that “a man who has lived for 40 years as a man and had children with a woman and enjoyed the services – the unpaid services of a wife, which most women will never know … then decides that the whole time he’s been a woman.”

Many feminists and social justice warriors today view gender as a separate institution to that of your identified sex. Despite being historically the way in which the human race has survived, modern feminists believe gender is a  ‘social construct’ instead of a fixed aspect of humanity.

To people like Greer and Murray, some of them feminists too, trans people are a product of an out of control, culturally deficient and socially inept society, which has allowed the pandering to foolish beliefs and emotionally unstable liberals to spiral way out of control.

In what can only been seen as an act of the greatest self-harm, more and more men are choosing to prescribe mutilating their bodies to become ‘pretend’ women. Quite often at the tax-payers expense in the UK. What we don’t see, contrastingly, in society is a lot of women wanting to become men. It seems in the case of Murray’s views, she treats the social justice community with the same suspect as many others do.

However, like with many of these social justice issues today, to disagree and to question their beliefs and motivation is to label yourself a ‘trans-phobe’ or some other term designed to force the issue into universal acceptance. Let’s face it, no one wants to be labelled a ‘phobe’ anything.


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