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Women’s Day Roundup – Protests because Trump, or something.

I followed the events of International Women's Day with the same bemusement I do every year, however this time it felt as though there was a particular emphasis to the events and marches organised throughout the world. Because Trump, or something.

I followed the events of International Women’s Day with the same bemusement I do every year, however this time it felt as though there was a particular emphasis to the events and marches organised throughout the world. Because Trump, or something.

Who even is that woman?

I want to round up my ‘best bits’ from the day in the hope it will help other people who are slightly confused by the hundreds of headlines surrounding it, what exactly the point of any of it was.

Whilst systematic violence and oppression of women in many Islamic and African countries is still a daily occurrence, many women in western society continue to insist they do not have the same rights that are afforded to men.

When it is pointed out that this is simply not true, or that there are great hypocrisies in their cause, or when it becomes apparent no one can quite understand where they’re coming from anymore, they begin to turn cannibalistic.

No one bothered protesting outside the Saudi embassy yesterday.

International Women’s Day had a great deal more woman hating than I’ve ever seen, and the majority of it was done by women, towards other women. (For having the wrong opinions). I struggle to understand any event that preaches equality, but involves spending a lot of time having one sex insult the other as a way of making up for lost time.

International Women’s Day began with me waking up to a Facebook ‘doodle’ celebrating IWD. I’ll be honest, I had no idea it was Women’s Day, I was more interested in the UK government’s budget speech at 12:30. Facebook – nonetheless – decided to celebrate the day by posting a doodle with the oppression of women, front and centre.

Facebook-759x419 Social media users were quick to point out the hypocrisy.

The greatest hypocrisy of the whole day was of course #ADayWithoutWomen. Many employers, mostly self-employed women, decided that society would have to live without women in the workplace for a day.

I’m assuming this served to remind women what it was like to live back in the 1950’s, you know before there was equality. For men it must have reminded them what it was like to come back to a clean house and dinner on the table.

Many women however decided that yesterday was just going to be a write off and instead decided to ‘protest’.


In what was basically another march resembling January’s protest against Trump, women brandished signs with familiar slogan’s such as ‘Not my President’, ‘Racist’, ‘Bigot’ and ‘F*ck Trump’.

According to the Instagram account of Women’s March the event was “A National Day of Action to Push Back Against Assaults on Democratic Principles”.

Many of the women marching got arrested, again, including the leader of the march Linda Sarsour.

Posting on Twitter, the Women’s March account said “We who believe in freedom cannot rest”. The women who were arrested blocked entry to Trump Tower and formed a human wall around the Trump International hotel.

Police used noise cannon in an attempt to create a break in the crowd to allow normal human beings to go about their day, however this didn’t move the women, resulting in the arrests taking place.

Of course, men feeling left out can always opt to be transgender. Then they get a free pass and maybe will be able to take equal part in the days events – tip for next time!

Snowflake-in-Chief Senate Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi encouraged women to run for office. But don’t be like Clinton.

Mercilessly, there was a counter protest to ‘A Day Without Women’ called ‘We Show Up’. Conservative action group Right2Speak who organised the counter-movement was interviewed by USA Today:

“to continue working, serving, giving, sharing and loving their communities, their families and their endeavors.”

Instead of universally rage-quitting on life for a day as women on the left did. The We Show Up campaign helps to emphasise that like men, women can not afford to allow the world a day without women, that showing up is important if women want to “share your gifts”.

Unfortunately this counter-argument was minute compared to the Women’s March organisation.

The UK, had a comparatively sedate and modest recognition of IWD, one of the main events was a debate in the Parliament.

Michael Jackson Sarah Olney MP for Richmond Park, delivered a speech seemingly complaining that society recognises her less for her work as a mother fighting to get her children ready for school and more in her job as an MP.

“It often sounds ironic or self-deprecating to refer to the tasks of motherhood as being more taxing than tasks carried out in the professional sphere, but in this case, I am not being ironic”

Whilst Olney (rightly) goes on to share her experience of childbirth in a way that many members felt did justice to IWD… “The memory of childbirth remains with us—unshakeable and unshareable, but never fully expressed.”… Olney also made some interesting comparisons to getting her children ready for school and challenging the Prime Minister at PMQ’s… “getting my son to clean his teeth was the greater achievement in many ways. It took more ingenuity, effort and emotional commitment”.

I think compared to the ridiculous spectacle in the US this is mild, but it does leave me with a sense that the remarks were slightly ridiculous and perhaps a little degrading of the role of an MP.

Moving on from the main events of my experience of International Women’s Day. A woman is facing up to 93 days in jail for accidentally scratching herself and deciding to make up a story of being a victim of a hate crime.


The 21 year old woman, Halley Bass, fessed up to the judge telling her that she’d accidently scratched her face. Bass says: “It was visible and I was embarrassed about what I’d done. So I made up a story and told a friend that a stranger had done it while I was walking.”

She described the attacker as a typical cis, white male and went on to blame Donald Trump for the attack. Police realised that the information given to them of the attack was incorrect when they checked CCTV footage and saw that no such incidence had occurred.

Whilst we celebrate International Women’s Day, please spare a thought for this behaviour, and wonder how many others involved in the Day Without Women protests are inclined to work themselves up over nothing, constantly play the victim, and blame their personal insecurity on others.

The right wing media has done its best to offer an alternative to the events of yesterday, admittedly it made the day go slightly easier for me as my social media feed was occasionally broken up by heart-warming posts from the likes of the Blaze’s Tomi Lahren.

“I didn’t wake up this morning worrying about what protest color I’d wear, or what the world would do without me because I didn’t wake up feeling like the victimhood narrative was a part of my story,”

Lahren remarks “women in poorer parts of the world woke up Wednesday without basic human rights” and calls out ‘feminists’ for corrupting the meaning of the term. Lahren encourages women to overcome challenges by facing them, not backing out, dwelling on them and ultimately playing the victim as we saw yesterday.

I have to agree, if anything the women’s march only creates a narrative from these women that no matter what ‘equalities’ they are afforded they will always protest about some sort of inequality. Even if it is statistically proven women were not unequal, we’d still have the protests about something or other.

Finally from Trudeauland, wife of PM Justin Trudeau, Sophie, was attacked on social media for her shoutout to both women AND men!

If you wanted any more evidence that feminism, including the women’s march, can only be deemed successful if a decent amount of man-hating is involved – look no further.

Even a woman herself, standing up for both sexes, appears to be a traitor to the left-wing snowflake cause.

Posting on Instagram:

Are you ready to ignite change? This week, as we mark International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the boys and men in our lives who encourage us to be who we truly are, who treat girls & women with respect, and who aren’t afraid to speak up in front of others. Take a picture holding hands with your male ally & share it on social media using the hashtag #TomorrowInHand. Together, we can create a movement that inspires more men to join the fight to build a better tomorrow with equal rights & opportunities for everyone… because #EqualityMatters. 🤝 Êtes-vous prêtes à faire des étincelles pour allumer un changement ? Cette semaine, à l’occasion de la Journée internationale des femmes, célébrons les garçons et les hommes qui nous encouragent à être qui nous sommes vraiment, qui traitent les filles et les femmes avec respect et qui n’ont pas peur de parler haut devant les autres. Prenez une photo main dans la main avec votre allié et diffusez-la dans les médias sociaux avec le mot-clic #DemainEnMains. Ensemble, nous pouvons susciter un mouvement qui incitera davantage d’hommes à lutter avec nous pour des lendemains meilleurs, l’égalité des droits et des chances pour tous … parce que l’#Égalitécompte.

A post shared by Sophie Grégoire Trudeau (@sophiegregoiretrudeau) on Mar 7, 2017 at 7:20am PST

This is how the female-suppremecists responded.

Sophie Trudeau followed up these comments by saying: “Our goal is gender equality and fighting for it is going to require men and women working together – raising our boys and girls to make a difference, hand-in-hand.”

That didn’t go down well either.

The lesson I learnt from International Women’s Day is this: Whilst women are represented unequally in many organisations it is not because of society, it is because of the women that choose to take part in events like A Day Without Women.

It’s because women see themselves as the victim, that they play the victim. It is not because of men like me, or men like Trump, it’s because of feminism. I’m sure female ‘sexists’ exist as much as male ones, many of them marched yesterday. When these women realise they are not immune from the ‘sexist’ label anymore, and when everyone is allowed to debate on an equal footing without the ‘fairer sex’ feeling immediately disadvantaged… That is when we will really have real equality.

My experience through social media of yesterday’s events has shown me this, for most men and women who have experienced the same thoughts and feelings, we all know what we need to do. Just continue to show the snowflakes up for the frauds they really are.




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BBC News




1 comment on “Women’s Day Roundup – Protests because Trump, or something.

  1. Wow cool propaganda bro needed more dragons and shit. Again I struggle to see how you are being oppressed by all of this.

    Also – women in the west don’t have equality – they might have (in theory) legal equality, but that doesnt convert to the practice of the law nor the material concrete circumstances of life that many women find themselves in. Though after reading your pages, I am not surprised you cannot differentiate between theory and practice, you are scrambling for straws to build your opponent – when your views are completely mainstream.


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