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Gender dysphoria is a mental illness – let’s start taking it seriously.

Sweden, which is proving to be Europe's petri dish for all badly conceived social projects, has the largest increase of kids wanting to switch genders. In the world.

Sweden, which is proving to be Europe’s petri dish for all badly conceived social projects, has the largest increase of kids wanting to switch genders. In the world.

According to Swedish child psychologist Louise Frisen – who works at Sweden’s Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital – 197 children last year wanted to undergo consultation to switch genders. It has been heralded by many liberals as one of the great achievements of the millennia’s new “openness” in society. However, for many, it exposes a shocking reality and side effect to an overly liberal set of ideas.

In a world where the LGBTQ community continues to pressure regional authorities to provide further sex education to younger and younger groups of children, it’s no surprise that it has created a liberalising force which is dangerously affecting these young people.

As children are taught about dysphoria, those who previously considered themselves ‘tom boys’ – at least in the most severe sense of ‘dysphoria’ – seem to be opting to make physical and hormonal changes to themselves instead of experience the full course of puberty.

It’s worth mentioning that later on in life, the suicide rate for people who have made the decision to switch genders using reassignment surgery and hormonal treatment before puberty has run its course, is 20 times higher than average out of the LGBTQ affirming countries.

The American College of Paediatricians also states that on average 98% of gender confused boys and 88% of gender-confused girls also learn to live with their gender in the long run of their lives.

The reality for some, which in today’s ever liberalising culture is a diminishing opinion, is that those who suffer with gender-dysphoria much alike any other dysphoria or mental illness, should be counselled as a treatment for mental illness.

Given that these particular cases involve children, who cannot vote, cannot drive, cannot live on their own or provide for themselves, are being humoured and told that they can alter their gender and mutilate their appearance is shocking.

As with many aspects of depression, the idea that someone feels uncomfortable with their body, with their appearance, is a common problem amongst young people. The treatment and medication available for those suffering with a mental disorder or dysphoria is pretty comprehensive.

As people go through puberty and adolescence it’s common for them to also develop many mental illnesses. Gender dysphoria appears to be another issue that LGBTQ communities feel should be exploited and encouraged as opposed to pragmatically troubleshooted as any other mental illness would be.

The suggestion that a person’s idea of their own gender is something which exists from birth therefore is ridiculous. There are many societal and cultural aspects that influence a child’s upbringing and their concept of what is appropriate as opposed to what should be a feature for the second ‘Fifth Element’ film.

We live in dangerous times, when matters of gender are left for children to decide, at the reckless and ill informing whims of adults who abuse their influence over children as role models. I am sure that if left to continue, any mental illness, any degrading self infliction will be looked upon as a personal choice which societies like Sweden’s will simply turn their back on. Instead of providing help and support, the government proceeds to fund and indulge these mental abnormalities.

It is imperative that serious mental issues amongst our young people are treated as seriously as they deserve. That tax payer’s fund treatment and rehabilitation, not indulgence and fear-mongering. Parents and adults should responsibly raise their children to yes, be open minded and tolerant, but not feel like if they encounter hardship or difficulty they treat the symptoms and not the cause.


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