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Media Report Wilders’ PVV Party “Crushed” and “Rejected” Despite Soaring Election Results

European political parties and the main stream media seemingly breathed a great sigh of relief when a couple of days ago, Wilders’ ‘far-right’, ‘populist’ PVV party was beaten into second at the Dutch general election.

Despite soaring support for Wilder’s party with a 33% increase in elected MPs, the incumbent PM, Rutte and the main-stream media seem to have fought a different election campaign saying that liberalism has fought back! The majority of media sources report Wilders’ failure to win the election as a rejection from the people and as “crushing”. In reality Rutte’s party actually lost 25% of their seats, but we also won’t see that reported.

It may be convention for these parties to be labeled ‘populist’ by the centrists, however the more they live in denial about being the ‘defenders of liberalism’ the faster the real liberal parties (ran by people like Wilders) will grow.

“If you don’t like it here in this country, get out, get out!” – PM Rutte, showing his tolerance for PVV voters in January this year.

The reality is that Wilders now poses an even greater threat to the mainstream politics of the Netherlands, as he now controls the second largest party in the Dutch parliament. In addition to this, it appears the incredible defeat  Labour (PvdA) has suffered sits as a footnote in the MSM’s reporting despite being absolutely crushing.

This surely is something political pundits in the UK should be considering for the 2020 general election and those elections prior to that across Europe? According to the BBC, nope.

BBC journalists reporting on the election disappointingly but rather expectedly, swallowed the line of the winning party hailing the comments that the VVD “comprehensively” defeated Wilders at the election – “bucking the trend”.

Wilders’ commented by saying:

We were the third biggest party, but now we are the second biggest party in the Dutch Parliament and a major political force. I promise you: Next time we will be first! The genie cannot be put back in the bottle.

2017 results (Telegraph).

dutch election results 17

2012 results (Telegraph).

dutch election results.png

Wilders’ PVV shares a very diverse space in the parliament, with 2 very different parties also coming joint-second place. The liberal and progressive, pro-EU parties the Democrats 66 and Christian Democrats will be fighting to form a coalition with the winning People’s Party (VVD). They may be hoping that joining forces will drown out the PVV’s voice and by 2022 they will lose the people’s support.

“Well done to our liberal allies @VVD and @D66 in Dutch elections. Looks like a victory for liberalism over politics of fear and division,” tweeted Tim Farron, Lib Dem Leader. Who like Rutte is living in a completely different world to the rest of us.

With elections in France and Germany to come, and looking forward to a 2020 election of post-Brexit Britain, Wilders’ victory in the Dutch election will only inspire confidence and increase the resonance with populist movements across Europe.

Unlike the view of Prime Minister Rutte, the PVV were the real winners of the election because the people see that they are the real defenders of liberalism. Next time the election comes round, the PVV will be seen as the party that can provide an alternative form of government.

The loser, as with many elections in Europe this decade was the Labour movement, which is in great decline in favour of parties like the PVV. Yet the MSM are more concerned with spinning stories and living in denial than reporting the real shocker-trends of European elections.


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