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Murdering Your Baby Will Be LEGAL In The UK – Victory for Feminists

It's shocking that feminists and social justice campaigners for women's rights apply such blatant and irresponsible flippancy to the caring of an unborn child in the UK.

Last week, the Parliament of the United Kingdom voted to decriminalise abortion by a narrow margin of 30 votes, despite women readily having access to safe and rapid methods of aborting babies up to 24 weeks in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland).

Prior to the vote going through parliament, abortion is only ‘made legal’ after 24 weeks providing that 2 doctors sign off on the procedure and cite ‘medical issues’ threatening the mother’s life, with the pregnancy. Which many currently find an agreeable practice.

The new law on abortion seeks to remove this safeguard and make abortion permissible up to the full term of the babies development. Not just without doctor’s consent but also the process could be done by anyone. This will come into effect after a second reading and vote sometime in April.

Many believe the law should have been revised in another way, granting any unborn child of 24 weeks the same rights as a human being for example – making the offence for termination after that period, murder.

It’s shocking that feminists and social justice campaigners for women’s rights apply such blatant and irresponsible flippancy to the caring of an unborn child in the UK.

Maria Caulfield MP responded in the parliamentary debate which ensued, warning that the change could bring about a rise in “back street abortions”, as the amendments to the bill would allow women to use any means to go about terminating their pregnancy.

If by 24 weeks the mother does not know she is pregnant, decides she can not afford to bring up the child, or maybe is informed the child will suffer with a mental or physical disability for the whole of its’ life, many pro-life activists say that 6 months is ample time to make the decision to terminate the pregnancy.

There still remains strong advocacy in the UK for lowering the limit to 12 weeks as often at 24 the child will be able to survive outside the mother’s womb.

Diana Johnson MP (Con) had this to say in favour of the decriminalisation:

“Doctors are poorly served by a criminal framework which does not apply to other areas of medicine.” – Johnson who is the sponsor of the bill, flippantly mixes the creation of defenceless life with “other areas of medicine”.

Discussion around abortion has reached fever pitch this week in response to the prospect of changing legislation. Doctors and Experts from the BMA (British Medical Association) have spoken out disgustingly in favour of more liberalising practices around abortion.

Today, Professor Wendy Savage a voting member of the BMA Council made a disgusting statement that abortions should be carried out “if the child is the wrong sex”.

Proff. Savage went on to say:

“If a woman does not want to have a foetus who is one sex or the other, forcing her (to go through with the pregnancy) is not going to be good for the eventual child, and it’s not going to be good for (the mother’s) mental health.”

Mark Field MP (Con) spoke out against this, slamming the claim: “Suggesting that women should be able to abort babies solely because they happen to be either male or, much more usually, female, is utterly abhorrent.”

Although the BMA does not actively endorse these views, it’s sickening that people who sit on the board of influential organisations such as the BMA should endorse the commoditisation of carrying a child.

If the mother’s mental health is going to be at risk simply because she can not live with the inexplicable guilt of brining up a child with the ‘wrong gender’, maybe decriminalising abortion and creating space for people to casually endorse the murder of babies based on their sex, is a bad thing… The jury, shockingly, seems to be still out on this.

There are many reasons why women go through with abortions. Many extremely valid such as the idea of bringing a child into the world knowing they will have an extreme mental or physical illness. Many women choose to go through with this – bringing much more severe consequences for their own mental health than the babies sex being wrong – many choose to care for their child its’ entire life regardless.

Many women argue that their current environment, financial situation, working situation is not right to bring up a child, or simply that the child is unwanted. To many others, particularly on the left, this is acceptable enough before 24 weeks.

Many proponents of abortion in the UK argue that ‘pregnancy can happen for a number of reasons’. Well, that’s true, but it’s certainly no surprise as to how it does happen.

With the cases of rape and incest aside (which should be completely understood), feminists on the one hand say they want to make choices for themselves as women, they want to fix the pay gap, wear what they want, have equality, but on all the bad stuff like abortion they abandon all moral sense.

Feminists argue that it remains their choice to terminate the pregnancy post 24 weeks and not the governments, despite the hugely traumatic practice of snuffing out an innocent and defenceless being. To them it’s also ironically societies job to provide this mechanism, for free, funded by taxes, on the NHS.

That is why, not only should the window for legalised abortion remain as it is, but the criminalisation practices should also be kept, not just because the practice of abortion after 6 months is criminal, but because a 6 month old baby in their mother’s womb, should, and deserves to be recognised as human life.

It should be entitled to the protections that come with being a human being. It deserves protection from the rampant liberalisation and the post-materialist commoditisation frenzy that is sweeping across the social justice left and perpetuated by feminists. Due to the bill going through parliament this month this is now becoming more dangerous than ever.

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