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EU Countries Now Threatening Lawsuit over Refugee Crisis

Sweden has reportedly threatened to sue Hungary over refusing to accept 5,000 refugees, Hungary vows to take it to court.

Sweden, which has overcommitted itself in terms of refugee intake is now asking other countries within the European Union to commit to receiving some of it’s refugees.

The country now has explicit ‘no-go’ zones where refugees reside and wreck havoc in cities such as Malmo, where it has recently suffered grenade attacks by islamic terrorists.

As the 5,000 originated from Hungary, the first EU nation they arrived in according to the Dublin agreement must take responsibility for refugees. Sweden has asked if they will take them back, Hungary has said no:

“Hungary cannot and will not take responsibility for, and suffer the consequences of the irresponsible conduct of other member states — Austria, Germany — which expressly suggested ignoring the rules, or for other states — Greece — that neglected to do their job.”

The EU is beginning to feel the crush of the migrant crisis after countries like Sweden and Germany initially opened their arms to mostly economic migrants from Syria and the Levant.

They are now withdrawing access after numerous reports of serial rapes and attacks on citizens. Hungary has built a wall to keep the refugees out.


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