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Reward Gender-Confused Children with Cake!

In the end, what boy going through puberty would not want to identify as a girl to go into the girls locker room?

Schools, particularly at primary (elementary) level in the UK have been encouraged at the Association of Teachers and Lecturers conference to reward transitioning students from one sex to the other, with cake.

This disturbing move by education experts can only be compared to allowing someone suffering with another dysphoric mental illness to stop the medication, and instead have a prize.

The full, depressing segment entitled ‘Gender Identity Explained’ can be viewed here:

Whilst I listen to this video I wonder how left wing my tuition will be next year after my lecturers return (and whether I am allowed to attend for that matter).

The concept of celebrating children ‘coming out’ as transgender is said to encourage others to not feel the pressure if they wish to follow-suit. Experts also say it will ensure that there is a greater acceptance of transgender people in the classroom.

This is not a new idea for ensuring that kids who are a bit different, say with physical or mental impediments that can not be helped or cured are understood by their peers.

However, in primary schools, for budding cross-dressers, transvestites or perhaps early bloomers (transitioning squeakers) under the age of 11, teachers are now being instructed to let them explore the girls bathroom and make their own minds up about what gender they are.

As well as rewarding exceptionally young pre-pudescent kids for making major sexuality decisions they do not yet understand (unshackling themselves from the oppressive cis, white, male dominated perception of gender in society), they also plan on removing all aspects of gendered activity in schools, such as when getting changed for sports activities (P.E.) etc.

Children in primary schools traditionally are treated fairly gender-free up until their final year (10-11 years old), this is down to the fact they have not developed anything physically or sexually that causes any concern amongst parents. It’s also why for P.E. they get changed in the same space together, usually the classroom, at their desk, and it’s also why when in the final year, the girls get changed (often) in the toilets, separately.

There is no urge in primary school for children to be treated any different. The 2 sexes that are visibly distinct which separate the only 2 possible genders we can be, to successfully propagate the human race for millenniums to come, are sufficiently taken care of. The 2, 100% guaranteed, quality assured genders which the human species has born and died with is catered for.

What experts therefore propose is to completely mix children 100% of the time at all ages, boy or girl, no matter what age, and up to no specific level of education. Teachers want to encourage gender blindness, regardless of the physical or sexual development of the children under their care.

This, with the intention of making it easier for transpeople to come forward and ‘feel comfortable’ that they can wander into any changing room they please. In the end, what boy going through puberty would not want to identify as a girl to go into the girls locker room? It’s sick!

So what is it you do with the children who now make up 1 out of every 100 child who does not identify with their real gender? Nothing.

You don’t need to take action. Children at primary school have not yet gone through puberty, they have no capability to decide on this, they don’t even know who they are in a plethora of other aspects yet.

Children are therefore impressionable. We must protect their natural facets and faculties and ensure that whilst they are brought up in the most open and safe environment possible, we do not mix it with social justice rhetoric created by the millennial (my) generation who were told by their parents they could have and do anything.

Millennial’s were taught by their parents – products of the austere post-war generation – that they do not have to want and work hard for anything. They are taught that it is fine to be different even if different means you identify as an AC-130 gunship and not a boy and the world just has to accept you, anything but is discrimination!

This generation now has power, it runs classrooms, manages businesses, teaches the next generation of social justice warriors.

It’s only 5 years in the making but by educating children about ‘gender-confusion’, influencing males to consider they might be a female even though the hormones haven’t started yet, and then rewarding those who do change with cake is a product of this twisted society.

The day the biology text book or even the sex education class of year 6 talks about ‘assigned genders’ over the man and the woman is the day we can not go back. Committed to this insanity, we will be.

I think you’ll find, if we stop impressing this behaviour on kids, they won’t want to be transgender. No one wanted it when I was at school, and the further you go back the less people do.

The case of the transgender customer in the shop used to be rare sight, but when it did happen, it was a joke that lasted the entire day. And the further back you go, the more comical it was in society, my generation is turning the world into a great 90’s satire.

To argue against this increasing liberal assault on common sense is – to the snowflakes – nothing but discrimination.


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