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Tim Farron suffers from an opinion – that won’t go away.

It's alright to have opinions Tim, is not what Liberal Democrat advisers would have said on the 2 year long battle to get an answer to a simple question.

It’s alright to have opinions Tim, is not what Liberal Democrat advisers would have said on the 2 year long battle to get an answer to a simple question. Questioning politicians generally is like trying to get blood-out-of-a-stone, but Mr. Farron MP takes it one step further. Yesterday however, we finally got an answer.

The question was simple, do you believe that gay sex is sinful?

This was posed to him in 2015 by Channel 4, his answer: “We’re all sinners.” – thanks for clearing that one up, Tim.

Since becoming leader of the Liberal Democrats, the thought of him possessing illiberal views has become a hot topic amongst journalists, but one can’t help but think he’s stoked the intrigue into a story about himself by being unable to speak for his own personal convictions as a religious man.

Mr. Farron seemingly has a great problem with connecting his deeply held personal beliefs to his political, this in itself is an issue to an electorate that demands politicians who are honest, and most of all, have conviction in their beliefs.

Despite the harmless question asked by Channel 4 News that simply required an answer such as “yes” or “no”, the British MP decided to refuse to answer. Instead he went into a lengthy complication about why it wasn’t important he answer the straight question. (video below)

Farron looking very agitated and hot under the collar answering this simple question. He trips over his words and begins to ramble about Christianity.

Tim Farron also appeared to be a closet Conservative on other issues, vaguely labelling the laws on abortion as “about right” and stating all abortion “constitutes a tragedy”. He refused to acknowledge that it had anything to do with women’s rights. On that one Tim, I can agree with you!

Yesterday, Farron finally ‘confirmed’ his belief stating rather forlornly to the BBC in an interview that “I don’t believe gay sex is a sin.” That didn’t stop him following up with more complicated explanations, which can only be seen as someone deeply in conflict with both his personal and public persona, a problem synonymous with many politicians of the Blair/Cameron era that turned voters away from politics.

“I take the view that as a political leader though my job is not to pontificate on theological matters[…] It seems to me that there is a General Election on at the moment, we need to be talking about big issues – health, social care, education, whether we’re in the single market or not[…] And it occurs to me really that this had become a talking point, an issue[…] I was asked the question early on and I didn’t want to get into a sort of series of questions unpicking the theology of the Bible.”

This, is the problem I have with Tim Farron. He is a man who is not at ease with his personal beliefs, he feels the need to justify to his faith, this lie which is clearly something he has been pressured into by the press, public and finally party spin-doctors, exposes his unease.

I see nothing wrong with having views against gay marriage or gay sex, having controversial opinions is what wins elections in 2017, it’s the lack of honesty many people are having trouble with.

When Farron starts saying he won’t “pontificate” and that there are real issues to speak about, why does he not just answer the question and allow the media to get on with asking the important questions?

He’s already abstained from votes in Parliament regarding homosexual issues, that already gives me the answer I need. He is uncomfortable with the issue, he does not believe what he is saying and to the media that’s an issue, it’s a red rag to a bull and he should know that. It’s a matter that needs to be scrutinised, a matter of personal integrity.

Liberals generally suffer with such dysphoria around their beliefs, it’s the common joke that Liberal Democrats don’t really stand for anything, they’re centre ground. It’s toxic for liberals to believe strongly in anything other than, “that’s your right as an individual”.  Any strong beliefs and suddenly they’re left wing, socialist, or right wing, conservative. When a member, or in this case, the leader of this political party does not believe in his own party’s line, that causes concern.

It also shows with Tim Farron’s blatant untruth, liberals like him succumb to pressure easily. Especially when they know that they stand to gain nothing from the forthcoming election on June 8th.


And finally, my favourite Tim Farron video.



The Telegraph

Channel 4 News

BBC News




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