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GRENFELL: Tower Disaster Exploited by Hard-Left Liberals Demanding PM Resign

Opportunism, exploitation and manipulation. That is the game of the hard-left.

It goes without saying the Grenfell Tower disaster in London is an atrocity, and by no means was it unavoidable. The death-toll is likely to rise to the hundreds in the next few days. It occurs at a time when Britain has already spent the last 3 months grieving for those killed in what is becoming a summer of Jihad for Islamic militants.


The victims of all these horrific events will probably never experience anything more horrific in their lives, for the Prime Minister Theresa May, this month must have been the worst month of her life.

The left still seems to be grasping the concept of democracy. Since the general election, socialists and liberals have stopped at nothing in their quest to oust the recently re-elected PM.


After Labour made surprising gains as a result of the election, capitalising purely off the Conservative Party’s cluster-fuck of a campaign, many supporters of Labour have deluded themselves into believing that they actually won and the PM should resign.

Subsequently, elements of the left have turned militant, plotting ways to overthrow the PM, and they will stop at nothing to exploit disasters such as Grenfell in the hope that it leads to a Labour government and the lord and saviour JC ascending to the throne to impose his awful tip-toe totalitarian socialism.

What began as anger fuelled by such desperation from residents and locals, rapidly morphed into pure hate and vitriol as the hard-left bussed in their fanatics to wreak havoc and exploit the emotions of residents.

Obsessed with class jealousy, the left used the opportunity to hit out at Chelsea and Kensington Councils for supposedly neglecting to keep residents safe. The town hall was broken into by a mob of protestors as they demanded to hear from senior council officials.

The immediate response from the government was to pledge a £5m emergency relief fund and for a full enquiry to take place to discover the cause of the fire. The PM has also pledged to rehouse all residents from the tower within 3 weeks. Those who have no where to go will be supported by the relief fund.


The protestors had very professional and pre-prepared signage to use.

The Socialist Workers Party and organisations like Momentum sent their supporters to create anti-Tory protests both in Whitehall and Kensington. The idea that the Tories are somehow to blame for this catastrophe to many seemed a very curious allegation.

Citing cuts to emergency services and the design of the tower block many felt it was the PM’s sole responsibility. The emergency services however, as with the events of the last few months have repeatedly said they were well resourced for such situations. The response to the fire at Grenfell was 6 minutes for fire services.


Al-Mansur (pictured) is a veteran campaigner for the Labour Party and led the initial protests after the disaster. It was far from unorganised and seemed to be entirely based around removing the PM from office.

As Al-Mansur stokes up the anger of the hard-left activists, Corbyn spent a short time with residents where he was photographed hugging one of them as he listened to her story.

Although his sincerity seemingly can not be questioned, the left are portraying Corbyn as a Messiah and May as someone who is an inhumane monster guilty of manslaughter.

Tower block fire in London

The Prime Minister’s visit to the site of the disaster came 3 days afterwards and 3 days too late in many people’s opinions, residents felt the PM did not show the requisite emotion during her visit as she also did not meet residents at the time but instead focussed on receiving a briefing from the emergency services.

The PM returned to meet residents the following day in a church and when heading to the car afterwards she was greeted with an angry mob of left-wingers shouting “coward” and various insults.

The PM has never been an outwardly emotional figure, however there have been accounts from those present at the meeting of the PM almost physically in tears holding the hands of residents as they painfully recount the horror of the ordeal.

The left are capitalising on her shy manner and exploiting the fact that she is a PM who simply wants to get things done. She didn’t meet residents initially, however she has met residents in private and at Downing Street to listen to their views.

Grenfell Tower recently had an £8.6m refit to its exterior to update current environmental building regulations in the UK. It is suggested that the panelling placed on the building, both to update its dated 1970’s façade and improve energy bills for residents was the cause of the devastating fire.

The heat insulating material turned the block affectively into a chimney as the only direction for heat to travel in was up.

Many protestors have accused the council of ‘decorating’ the building with unsafe materials so that the wealthy did not have to gaze upon the antiquated design. This, to many sensible people is absolutely ludicrous.


Residents feel an enquiry is not going to provide quick answers for who to blame, however disappointingly for the left it is not the PM.

Those who feel frustrated and that they are being kept in the dark regarding those confirmed dead are being egged on by exploitative leftist manipulators, with the heat of the fire at the temperature of an incinerator, it will be difficult to identify any of the deceased residents caught in the flames.

Ultimately it’s sickening how these socialist organisations are politicising the issue, instead of providing productive assistance to those affected, they are inflaming the issue and trying to turn it into an opportunity to make Jeremy Corbyn more electable.

All I will ask is, where was the hard-left during the Westminster Attacks blaming radical Islam? Where was the left asking for answers after the Manchester attack? Or London Bridge? Where were their protests against so-called inadequate emergency services there? Where was the PM supposedly to blame there?

Opportunism, exploitation and manipulation. That is the game of the hard-left.



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