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GRENFELL: “Quiet Dignity” Scrapped by Liberals in “Day of Rage”

“the rage that one felt was an abstract, undirected emotion which could be switched from one object to another, like the flame of a blowlamp”. - Orwell.

I’m not the first person to instinctively reach for Orwell’s Nineteen-Eighty-Four after reading the news today. Like many writers, mostly on the right of politics – not Owen Jones or balaclava adorned thugs of the left – I look to our finest authors for some comfort that what I’m reading hasn’t all been entirely unpredicted.

“the rage that one felt was an abstract, undirected emotion which could be switched from one object to another, like the flame of a blowlamp”.

Who knows what today will bring. It is currently 9am, the calm before the storm. The Queen is set to visit Parliament today to preside over the state opening of Parliament in what is known as the ‘Queen’s Speech’.


With the continued attacks on the government over Grenfell tower, an organised protest against the Prime Minister is expected to break out into violence today. The protest has been organised by ‘Movement For Justice By Any Means Necessary’ and has been entitled the “Day of Rage”.

Neither title sounds good for democracy, more like a fascist movement.

In the words of Orwell, this undirected emotion as a result of the Grenfell tower disaster is being exploited by the left to direct against whatever blowlamp the organisers choose. In this case, the Prime Minister.

The official opposition, the Labour Party, seemed delighted by the idea of a protest as they continue to urge their followers to kick the Tory government out.

Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell has often called for a “kinder, gentler politics”, yet he has endorsed the planned protest by saying: “What we need now is the TUC mobilised, every union mobilised, get out on the streets. Just think if the TUC put out that call, that we need a million on the streets of London in two weeks’ time.”

The concept of democracy is entirely lost on both a democratically elected opposition and those who voted for them. Rampant socialists, with a high agenda for violence and misdirected anger.

History will show that any hard-left or far-right cause has often been the beginnings of a totalitarian future, and in my dealings with the hard-left and their rabble of protestors hurling insults in my general direction, I would be scared if those they supported got anywhere near government.

For many people now, it is not the Grenfell tower disaster which motivates their anger, but the presentation of an opportunity. An opportunity of self-indulgence for thugs and spoilt left-wingers to stick one to the ‘Tory scum’.

The tomb stone of the tower serves as a reminder for what must never be repeated. Actions are being taken as rapidly as they can to come to such conclusions that can prevent a reoccurrence of the fire.

The protestors you may see today will be nothing other than thugs and miscreants, anti-democratic and violent individuals who feel the election isn’t over until the Labour Party wins.

Who knows if even that will be enough for them? Rebels tend to find it difficult to stop rebelling, even after they’ve won.


Why is this true? Look at what happened after rioters broke into Kensington Town hall. A person wearing a suit was mobbed, pushed to the ground and assaulted because he was the only target in the room. This person, Robert Outram (56) had been volunteering at various shelters all day to help the displaced people from Grenfell Tower.

Somehow they mistook this man in a suit as council Management Association CEO, Robert Black. These people do not fight for a just cause, or in fact any cause, they are thuggish opportunists. The tragedy should not cause people to swell up into such vitriolic hate and blind anger, it should be directed into assessing the underlying causes.

These causes have been identified initially, issues of social cohesion, of neglect from the town hall toward council housing tenants, toward cost-cutting and lack of basic fire extinguishing equipment, and a lack of escape routes within the tower.

Our nation has lost what globally used to be one of the most recognisable traits of Britishness. Keeping calm and carrying on. Dunkirk spirit. Instead we’ve become intellectually docile, quick to blame and attack anyone that stands for reason, quick to anger and eager to jump onto the next trending social injustice on Twitter.

You may find anger a quick way to seek consolidation after such traumatic events, but it will not help progress, it will not get things done quicker or in a better way. The government should ignore you if you stamp your feet and scream as loud as you can and if you resort to violence.

Those who have died would not want bands of idiots demanding democracy is suspended as a result of any injustice that could have befallen them. The government will get on with fixing things with or without you.

The response to the recent terror attacks has been entirely different to what we could be seeing on the streets of London today. The opposite of this bleak picture of angry, Orwellian thugs tearing up our key democratic principles.

After the attacks, the left were no-where to be seen, not a single protest or riot, no one protested demanding answers as Islamic-extremists blew up our children, as they sought to take away our democratic freedoms.

Instead the left decide to protest against an elected government over a perceived injustice of all those deaths at Grenfell. The disaster at Grenfell was not an attack on our democracy, but what the left are doing now in response, is.


The Queen called for “quiet dignity” in response to Grenfell after she was seen weeping as she spoke to survivors, and she is just right in that. I fear that the left have no concept of dignity or respect. The opportunism I have witness lately is sickening, at a time we should be coming together, mourning the horrors of the last few months and working on how we can strengthen our democracy and fight the real demons who seek to destroy it, not become those ourselves.


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