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I am a student at University, studying Politics and International Relations.

‘MildlyRight’ is a project I created to both raise my media profile and also air my views more freely from the ‘social’ constrains of the left wing institution that is my University.

In the 3 months since starting this website the project has become a great success!

The site features opinions on politics, media and of course social justice warriors. It aims to react to breaking news and current issues. Occasionally there will also be analysis of events which have occurred throughout the week.

My one minute reads will be informative and often comedic in value; with brief amounts of description, my reaction and then a great deal of reaction shared from Twitter or Facebook.

As the read length increases, so does the content, and often the seriousness of the post.

Therefore readers will have a variety of more informative three-five minute reads and ten minute reads which aim to be analytical in nature. This does not mean there will not be the usual “Mildly” Right brand of sarcasm and irony featured throughout the posts, just perhaps a little more depth.

Nothing I post here aims to be speculative or biased in any way. Of course, we are called “Mildly Right” so expect a right wing opinion on things and often a controversial one!

Definitely do not expect shoddy reporting, grammar issues and above all, false or fake news!

Here is where I stand on the political compass:


“Libertarian Capitalism”

Thanks! Kai.