Sorted A-Z.

Affirmative Action (Positive Discrimination)

  • It should be illegal for employers to set quotas for numbers of people from different races or sexualities in their workforce. Recruitment should be based on merit alone and people should not have expectations lowered of them simply because they are deemed at a disadvantage in a competitive world.


  • The government should work to prevent mega mergers of large corporations as this risks stifling a healthy capitalist free-trade culture.
  • Labour unions ultimately hurt the economy, businesses should be encouraged to have an increased and constant human resources dialogue with their workers.
  • Businesses should be secular with regards to the treatment of their customers however they should be allowed to reserve the right to refuse service to their customers in a truly free market.
  • Businesses should not be required to have set numbers of women on their board of directors, every person should earn their place through merit alone.Corporation tax should be as low as possible (under 15%) to encourage business to grow and recruit.

Children and Adoption

  • Adoption agencies should prioritise couples who can not have children over those who can, for example gay couples.
  • When adopting, children should be matched to parents of the same ethnicity and religion wherever possible.
  • IVF should only be an option for couples when the hopeful parents can not naturally conceive are also going to be the biological mother and father of the child.


  • All Police officers should wear body cameras.
  • The Police should be routinely armed when walking the streets of major cities.
  • Convicted criminals should not be allowed to vote.
  • Solitary confinement should be an option for all criminals regardless of age.
  • Punishment should remain a higher priority to rehabilitation.
  • The death penalty should be illegal even for the most serious of crimes. No human has the right to take the life of another, even in revenge for those who have committed murder or other heinous acts.
  • Police should be permitted to discriminate in ways such as patrolling neighbourhoods which are inhabited by demographics which statistically commit the most crime.
  • The criminalisation of recreational drugs as it stands, should remain the same.
  • It should be illegal to burn or deface national symbols such as flags on civic or nationally owned property.


  • A national living (minimum) wage should only be set by the government if it means a real-terms decrease in tax credit payouts for recipients of tax credits who now receive a higher wage.
  • The personal allowance that a person can earn before they are taxed should rise to £15,000/$20,000.
  • A flat rate of general taxation should be applied of 30% on the majority of income (between £15,000 and £60,000), those earning over £60,000/$80,000 should have a further 10% premium rate applied (paying 40% tax in total). A further 5p premium rate of tax should be applied to those earning over £150,000/$200,000.
  • Men and women should be paid the same money for the same job, if they work for the same company. Levels of pay in management and executive levels of work will always be different, as pay packets are negotiated and often performance based.
  • If a woman takes a break from employment to have a baby, she should expect to return to a job with an equivalent salary.
  • Online currencies such as Bitcoin should not be made official or legal tender.


  • Student loans should not price potential students out of the university market, however they should deliver value for money.
  • Responsibility over students should not be leased from the University to the Students Unions.
  • Selective education, where state schools have an entrance exam, should be permitted to drive up the demand for academic excellence.
  • A wider range of technical qualifications which are on par with advanced qualifications is needed to ensure that University numbers return to a healthy state.
  • Too many students go to University as they have no where else to go, quotas of student numbers should be revised down from 40% to 20% of under 29s per year.
  • Colleges and Sixth Forms should be prevented from selling a University degree as the only option post studies.
  • More should be done to ensure apprenticeships pay. Apprenticeships should not be offered where an unqualified person is able to be recruited by the same company (such as in retail).
  • Academic institutions should not make efforts or be required to provide safe spaces and content trigger warnings for students.
  • Places of academic discipline, designed to promote free thought and the scrutiny of opposing ideas should be free to expose students to the full ranges of evidence and discussion.


  • Photo ID should be required to vote.
  • Foreigners residing within the nation should not be allowed to vote in elections or referenda.
  • Lobbyists should not be allowed to raise money for neither candidates nor parties at elections.
  • How much money individuals choose to give to political parties should be up to the individual.
  • The minimum voting age should be 18.
  • It should not be compulsory for candidates to release their private tax returns when running for office.
  • Government officials and party political advisors should be banned from joining lobby groups for 5 years after they have finished working in public office.
  • Those with criminal offences should be prevented from running for any elected office.
  • Term limits should not be imposed providing constituents have the right of recall.


  • The government should only impose or increase environmental regulation when there are viable alternatives which do not increase the cost to the consumer. This being through tax rises, RRP increases by companies or through time penalties in productivity.
  • The government should not stop the construction or expansion of projects which increase the supply of fossil fuels to the population where needed.
  • Hydraulic drilling should be used to get to deposits of oil which can not be reached by conventional means.
  • The wind power industry should not receive tax cuts or subsidies from the government, the industry should be able to survive through its own financial means, it should be productive enough to become the alternative to conventional fuels.
  • Disposable products that contain less than 50% of biodegradable materials should not be banned until a cost effective replacement is available.

Foreign Affairs

  • Refugees from places such as Syria should be required to request asylum at the first non-hostile country they visit.
  • The issue of economic-migrants and terrorists posing has refugees needs a more robust approach. Refugees should only be accepted after being processed in camps within their country of origin.
  • Foreign suspects of terrorism should have their constitutional rights suspended if they reside in this country until investigations can be carried out.
  • Military spending in the UK should be increased to facilitate more carrier strike groups and a larger capacity of specialist troops.
  • The US and UK should withdraw support for NATO if other countries do not invest the prescribed quota of GDP into defence.
  • Drones should be used to gather intelligence and perform strikes on enemy targets as a way of preventing friendly casualties.
  • Foreign aid spending should be reserved entirely for setting up refugee camps and schools. Cuts in foreign aid spending should support domestic homelessness and other domestic priorities.
  • North Korea should be dealt with swiftly using physical action and should no longer be tolerated in a modern world, before it develops the technology for a global delivery of nuclear weapons.
  • Established leaders of nations, no matter what political system they use, should be preferred as negotiating partners as opposed to rebel/dissident organisations within their countries.
  • The government should not provide weapons and armour to countries who are suspected of re-selling these weapons on to terrorist groups.


  • Gender identity should not be added to anti-discrimination laws or be given legal parity with other groups such as ethnic minorities.
  • There are only 2 genders, more should be done to treat dysphoria especially in schools.


  • Any national insurance system and state provided healthcare should be cost effective and should not be competitive with the private sector, this drives premiums up.
  • The prices of medication, particularly life-saving medication, should be regulated by the government.
  • Private insurance companies and those who choose to use them should not be penalised through additional taxation.
  • The British National Health Service (NHS) should provide opt-outs for private patients who do not use public health services and therefore should not pay for them.
  • Chip and pin machines or private insurance authorisation should be used to charge foreign patients and private patients for using the NHS.
  • The NHS should be free at the point of use for anyone who pays full national insurance contributions.
  • Businesses should pro-actively work to enrol as many of their employees into private medical insurance policies as possible. The government should find ways to support this, alleviating the public strain on the NHS so that those most at need are seen sooner and have a greater quality of care.
  • Patients declared terminally ill should be granted the right to peacefully end their own life after reaching agreement with physicians. This should never be used for patients with mental illness.

Jobs and Benefits

  • Welfare recipients should be tested for narcotic substances before they are permitted to receiving benefits from the state.
  • The welfare system should be subject to more means testing to ensure that those who genuinely need to receive funding from the state do so and receive the greatest amount of help possible, and those who can work, do.
  • Businesses should be discreet in the application of paid leave for employees who need to care for sick family members, it should not be legislated.
  • Whilst the government has a vested interest to keep national jobs for national workers, it should not have to incentivise or financially support failing industries, especially if they are being out-competed in a global market.
  • The retirement (pension) age should continue to raise with the average life expectancy.
  • Pensions should rise with inflation or earnings whichever is higher only, the government should take responsibility to ensure that other aspects that raise the cost of living are brought under control.


  • The institution of marriage should be kept out of the hands of the state, the state should make every opportunity to provide equality before the law for same sex couples without harming religious institutions.
  • The right to a Civil Partnership should not exclude straight couples.
  • Couples in Civil Partnerships should have all the same rights as married couples.

National Debt

  • Austerity should be a viable means of reducing the national debt should the deficit increase.
  • Economic stimulus during times of financial difficultly should not be used when there are opportunities to make financial cuts to the state.
  • Stamp duty should be decreased and should be wiped for first time buyers looking to get on the property ladder.
  • It is the duty of the government to be competent and competitive in economic matters. Corporations and citizens should be allowed to store their money wherever is cost-effective.
  • The books should always be balanced in government.
  • Free trade agreements are ultimately good for all of us. However, organisations such as the EU and those organisations which wish to impose a federal system (such as the free movement of people and the supremacy of outside courts and legislatures) on nation states should be avoided.

National Security

  • Government should be able to assassinate suspected terrorists in foreign countries should they pose a threat to national security.
  • Laptops should be banned on all flights departing the Middle East should it be necessary at times to impose it.
  • A travel ban should be imposed on countries suspected of harbouring terrorists wishing to do us harm unless we are sure our border security can identify incoming threats.
  • The government should be permitted to access and read metadata on citizens phones such as text messages and phone calls.
  • Those convicted of treason should never have their convictions pardoned or overturned by the state.
  • Enhanced interrogation techniques should be permitted where there is a threat to national security.


  • Flags of other states should be allowed to fly without any restriction as to what those flags represent (the confederate flag for example).


  • Under no circumstances should the government be permitted to seize private property from citizens for public or civic use.

Religion and Monarchy

  • Although the Church and State should remain separate, the natural history of the 2 institutions should not be a barrier. References to God and other religious symbols should not be removed from state property such as on money and national buildings.
  • The Royal family should continue to serve both the British people and the Commonwealth to the same extent they do today.
  • Face veils and items of clothing such as the Niqab should be banned from being worn in public places, including civic ceremonies.
  • The Church has no place in schools outside of religious education classes.

Women and Abortion

  • Abortion should be illegal after the first trimester (12 weeks) with the exception of complications that threaten the mother’s life or where the potential child will have physical or mental complications. Abortion should then be an option up to 24 weeks once agreed by a GP.
  • Government funding of abortion should be limited to victims of rape and incest only.
  • Health insurance providers should not be required to offer free abortions.
  • Marital rape should be classified and punished to the same extent to non-marital.
  • Women should be allowed to serve in military combat roles, however they should also be required to pass an identical fitness test to men and must be tested for pregnancy before they enter a combat role.

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